Alma Retreats is a culturally inspired yoga retreat and tour operator that  provides an opportunity to practice in a lush forest of Nicaragua, relax on isolated beaches with a fresh fruit smoothie in hand, travel through coffee country meeting the farmers behind the beans, indulge in locally grown chocolate after a day of spa treatments, as well as an experience that will spark something inside and fill your soul on the mat and off.

The trips in life that one remembers are the ones that provide a special experience, a connection, a transformation, what you can expect to encounter with Alma Retreats. Every detail of the trip has been carefully thought out from the locally made chocolate on your pillow to the laughter you will find while trying to make the perfect tortilla with a Nicaraguan woman to the vigorous morning flow practice or moonlight restorative practice.

Alma Retreats came to be after a trip to Nicaragua four years ago in which a local family opened their home, hearts, and culture to two young yogis on vacation who needed help getting back to the city for medical attention. With no buses for another 2 days, the family made it their mission to find a pick up truck to get the girls back. Hours passed, stories were shared over coffee and plantains, and the girls made it to the city.  This was the trip that always stood out from the rest and in turn formed relationships and partnerships that soon turned into a  Mobile Library Bus project, El Libro Volador, bringing books, materials and workshops to remote communities in the Northern Highlands. This was the trip that planted the seed for Alma Retreats.